Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rock Hard


You'll need:
Paint Shop Pro
Filter:  Eye Candy Impact Gradient Glow

Open a new raster layer 800x800.  If you would like a smaller tag, you can resize near the end of the tutorial.  Open Paper 2, copy & paste as a new layer.  Apply the mask to this layer.  Open Paper 6, copy & paste as a new layer, apply the mask to this layer, too.

Open the Curled Frame 2 element, copy & paste it as a new layer and using smartsize, resize by 80%.  Go to Image>Rotate>Free Rotate and use these settings:

Now open the speakers element--you'll notice a black guideline running down the right side of the element--erase this & center the element.  Resize by 90%.  Open the Music Doodle, copy & paste as a new layer, and using your Raster Deform tool, bring both sides out to almost the width of the masks layers.  Add a Gradient Glow>Subtle White Glow with these settings:

Open the Amplifier and Light Can elements--copy & paste them as new layers.  Resize each of them by 30% and position them on the tag.  Now add the tube & position. 

Using the DuVall or other fat font, type the word Rock using a foreground-background gradient that you create using the colors from the hair & guitar on your tube. Convert this layer to raster, then duplicate this layer and using your Manual Color Correction tool, change the color of the LOWER layer to black.  Hide all other layers, leaving only these two layers visible.  Move the colored layer slightly down and to the right--this gives a slight 3D appearnace to the word.  When you're happy with the positioning merge these two layers, and hide this layer.  Type the word Hard, and follow the same steps.  Open all layers, position the words to the bottom left of your tag--see my tag for placement.  Change your foreground color to light grey and your background to black.  Set your font stroke width to 1.0 and write your name using the script font.  Convert this layer to raster and using your Deform tool, tilt the name at an angle that suits you. 

Apply a simple drop shadow to all layers except the mask layers--remember, varying your drop shadow helps to add depth to your tag!

Merge all layers, and if you want a smaller tag, resize now, using smartsize.  Add your copyright and licence information, save your tag as a .png,  and you're done! 

TIP:  Always add your copyright info AFTER any resizing, this will keep the info clear & legible.